What's a Methodist?


     Methodism is a movement of spiritual awakening begun by John Wesley in England in the middle of the 18th century.  Today, it is a worldwide movement embracing people from all walks of life in nearly every country of the world.  Through a worldwide connectional network, Methodists around the world are healing the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, teaching those thirsting for knowledge, and setting people free to live the lives God intended.  Through a specialized agency called UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee on Relief), Methodists are some of the first people on the scene of a disaster, like the tsunami in East Asia and the earthquake in Haiti, and are still there rebuilding lives, long after others have left.  We still have mission teams arriving and departing every day, not only in East Asia & Haiti, but throughout locations at home and abroad.   Through its connectional network, the United Methodist Church has provided enough mosquito netting in the last two years to save the lives of 2 million people in countries of Africa.  Members of Westlake United Methodist have each saved more than 7 lives, a total of 5,000 people who have been saved from malaria in one year.

     Methodism is based upon a simple idea: renewing the heart.  Any person is capable and entitled to a renewed connection with their Creator and with one another, in which their spiritual senses come alive, their relationships are restored, and life begins anew.  We believe that everyone can become involved in an honest and caring movement dedicated to improving people's lives.  Click on the movie below to learn more.



Last Published: January 4, 2011 4:01 PM
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